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                                 English Language Program

                                 Level: Beginner 1

    Course Description:

    This a foundation course for learning American English to high school students, college students and adults. It combines a proven methodology with fresh new material, a new advanced level and new testing components in six levels . Its step-by-step approach builds skills and confidence, with the right mix of language work and plentiful practice material to consolidate knowledge of key points before proceeding further. Here are the European levels for the series: A1 - Starter Level, A2 - Level 1, B1 - Level 2, B1+ - Level 3, B2 - Level 4, C1 - Level 5

    Textbook: American Headway Starter (Units 1-4)

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    1. Use formal and informal greetings (Hello and hi);
    2. Introduce themselves as well as others;
    3. Listen for main ideas and details;
    4. Use greetings for different times of the day;
    5. Ask about and reply to questions about everyday objects;
    6. Say and write numbers;
    7. Use singular and plural nouns correctly;
    8. Identify common countries and nationalities and ask about them;
    9. Use subject pronouns and possessive adjectives correctly;
    10. Identify and use different jobs;
    11. Use verb to “be” correctly in the Simple Present;
    12. Make conversations to get to know others well using basic questions;
    13. Identify and use the possessive “s”;
    14. Read for main ideas and details;
    15. Talk about family members;
    16. Use verb to “have” correctly in the Simple Present.

    General English Assessment Criteria

    Grade Item

    Total Marks

    Online Quiz 1

    15 marks

    Online Quiz 2

    15 marks

    Online Quiz 3

    15 marks

    Oral Quiz 1

    15 marks

    Oral Quiz 2

    15 marks

    Oral Quiz 3

    15 marks


    10 marks


    AMIDEAST Policies

    • Participants are expected to come to class on time
    • Mobile phones should be put on silent mode.
    • No food or drink is allowed in AMIDEAST classrooms & labs.
    • Break time is 15 minutes.
    • No make-up quizzes are to be held. Absence due to an emergency situation is to be handled by the instructor on an individual basis. Trainees are to provide documentation for the emergency situation.
    • Passing grade is 70%.
    • Course evaluations are done on the 5th session. 
    • Participants are encouraged to cooperate with each other and show respect and courtesy towards the instructor & other participants.