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    English for the Workplace Program

    Pre-intermediate Level

    Course Description:

    This skills-based business English course is aimed at professional, adult learners seeking to realise their full potential as speakers of English at work. It delivers immediate and tangible outcomes.

    Textbook: In Company Pre-intermediate

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

    1. Discuss business-related topics & ask for clarification

    2. Make telephone conversations about career-related topics

    3. Introduce themselves, start and end conversations & choose safe topics for conversations

    4. Express opinions, defend ideas & make suggestions

    5. Analyze and present survey results 

    6. Talk about their professional experiences 

    7. Discuss the dos and don’ts of business travel

    8. Write a letter of application 

    9. Practice taking part in a job interview 

    10. Write a business report

    11. Read articles about business-related topics

    12. Listen to business documentaries & conversations

    13. Talk about decisions and plans

    14. Ask and answer questions about time management techniques

    General English Assessment Criteria

    Grade Item

    Total Marks

    Online Quiz 1

    15 marks

    Online Quiz 2

    15 marks

    Online Quiz 3

    15 marks

    Oral Quiz 1

    15 marks

    Oral Quiz 2

    15 marks

    Oral Quiz 3

    15 marks


    10 marks

    AMIDEAST Policies:

    1. Students are expected to come to class on time.

    2. Mobile phones should be put on silent mode.

    3. No food or drink is allowed in AMIDEAST classrooms & labs.

    4. Break time is 10 minutes for two-hour classes, 15 minutes for three-hour classes.

    5. Make-up quizzes must be scheduled individually with the teachers.

    6. Passing grade is 70%.

    7. Students are encouraged to cooperate with each other and show respect and courtesy towards the teacher & other participants.