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    AMIDEAST SAT Preparation Course Syllabus

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    Welcome MAWHIBA Students!

    This is where you will find access to additional information about your course as well as supplementary course materials, assignments, and resources. You will also be able to obtain course grades, individual student evaluations, participate in class forums and discussions and fill out course surveys. 


    • Technology Requirements - Students need to use a computer with a video camera and a microphone with a dedicated internet connection to fully interact during the virtual classroom portion of the course. Outside of the virtual classroom, they can use their phones or tablets for the course. When logging into the virtual classroom (BBB), participants need to use the latest version of Google Chrome in order to enjoy full classroom functionality.
    • Digital Citizenship - Courteous language, both when writing and speaking, must be used at all times during the course.  Online bullying and inappropriate behavior, language, or images will not be tolerated. Participants must respect one another's privacy during the course, asking questions that do not relate to the course is strictly forbidden. If a student produces evidence that another student has violated the digital citizenship guidelines, the case will be investigated and the offending party will be barred from the course.

    General Policies:

    • All handouts, documents, presentations are the Intellectual Property Rights of AMIDEAST and the class instructors.  These materials are for your own personal use and should not be shared or reproduced on any public platform.
    • Students are encouraged to cooperate with each other and show respect and courtesy towards the teacher and other participants.
    • Students are encouraged to attend all 54 hours of the virtual classroom. Students who attend 46 or more hours will receive a certificate of attendance; those who attend less then 46 hours will not receive a certificate.

    Virtual Classroom Policies:

    • Students are expected to come to class on time. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each one-hour class. If students are 5 minutes late, they will be marked late. If students are more than 5 minutes late, they will be marked absent.
    • Mobile phones must be put on silent mode.
    • Television, phones, and other electronic devices, other than your must be avoided during the virtual classroom time.
    • Break time is 5 minutes between each hour of the two-hour virtual classes.
    • Students should log onto the virtual classroom (BBB) at least 10 minutes before class to take care of any connection issues.
    • Students need to join the class with camera, microphone and audio enabled.
    • Students should keep their microphones muted, unless they want to make a comment or ask a question.

    Course Materials:

    In addition to AMIDEAST Online, each student will receive access to an individual Magoosh SAT Prep account. Magoosh will send you an email to students providing them with login details (i.e. username and a password) to access their accounts. Students can either go to the Magoosh website through their browser or click on the following link Magoosh website to access their accounts.

    Learning Outcomes:

    This course is intended to help students prepare for the SAT. Many colleges and universities in the United States as well as Saudi Arabia require the SAT as a part of the application process. The outcomes of this course are to help students develop confidence and skill when taking the SAT by teaching both general and specific test-taking strategies as they apply to the SAT and sections within the SAT exam. Students will also receive numerous opportunities practice question types as well as the overall SAT exam.

    Students will experience 54-hours of synchronous (real-time) virtual classroom time. 27 hours will be dedicated to Evidence-based Reading, Evidenced-based Writing, and the Essay. The other 27 hours will be dedicated to Math. During the virtual classroom time, teachers will guide, mentor, and monitor students through the general concepts and detailed weekly assignments that they are expected to complete. 

    Students will learn the test-taking strategies for the different sections and question types on the test including:

    • Evidenced-based Reading Section
    • Evidence-based Writing Section
    • With Calculator Math Section
    • No-Calculator Math Section
    • Essay

    Students will have one-year, asynchronous access to the following SAT preparation material:

    • 200 video lessons explaining specific techniques and skills needed to correctly and efficiently answer SAT questions.
    • Hundreds of practice questions with detailed, step-by-step explanations to answering
    • Lists of SAT word roots to build vocabulary
    • Thee full-length online practice tests (two with essay)
    • Flash cards to help reinforce language and math concepts and ideas
    • Online tutors