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    Human Recourses Authority English Language Program

    Academic Track 1  

    Course description

    This integrated course will develop participants’ English language skills in academic reading and writing, as well as in grammar, vocabulary, and test preparation. Within an interactive online classroom, participants explore contemporary topics across different disciplines and practice real-world communication for academic settings. The course content and assignments will provide detailed   tasks critical for success at university, including listening to lectures, note-taking, understanding academic texts, analyzing new concepts, and contributing to discussions. Writing skills will include researching, planning, drafting, and editing academic assignments. In addition, participants will work on improving their study skills throughout the course. On a weekly basis, time will be devoted to developing participants’ test-taking skills and strategies, with a special focus on improving their scores on the TOEFL ITP®  (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – a standardized English language exam commonly used for university admission. Outside of the classroom, participants are expected to continue improving their academic skills and complete assignments that extend in-class learning with the guidance of the teacher. 

    Course textbook name

    Skillful – Reading & Writing by Macmillan

    Learning outcomes

    By the end of the academic skills program, participants are expected to have achieved the following.

    1. Improved reading skills for a wide variety of academic texts
    2. Improved writing skills for different types of academic assignments
    3. Increased use of accurate grammar and vocabulary for academic purposes
    4. Increased application of study skills inside and outside the classroom
    5. Increased awareness of and confidence with using effective test-taking strategies
    6. Improved knowledge of TOEFL skills, sections, and question types
    7. Increased awareness of their own individual academic goals and potential universities

    Assessment criteria

    Student Assessment and Evaluation




    AMIDEAST Placement Test

    Beginning of program

    To determine students’ English level upon entry

    Attendance Sheets


    To track student attendance, a minimum of 80% is required

    In-class Assessment: Quizzes, Tests, and Oral Tasks


    To monitor the progress of the students

    Final In-class Assessment

    End of course/training

    To measure student progress and achievement

    Final TOEFL

    End of program / Exit

    To provide a score on an international measure of English language proficiency, for students’ use in further pursuing their goals


    Assessment Scheme

    Oral Skills

    Written Skills


    Final Exam

    Attendance and Participation









    AMIDEAST Policies

    • Students are expected to login to class on time.
    • Mobile phones should be put on silent mode.
    • Cameras must be turned on when requested.
    • Students must attend 80% of all lessons and activities. 
    • Passing grade is 80%.
    • Individual course evaluations are done twice per session, once in the middle and once at the end. While unit quizzes are conducted at the end of each unit.
    • Students are encouraged to cooperate with each other and show respect and courtesy towards the teacher and other participants.