Resources for Teachers

Welcome to "Resources for Teachers".  This category shows tools and activities that are available for teachers to use.  They can be included in a blended or online learning course. 

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LMS Prototype Course
Course Resources and Activities
Discussion and Work Groups
Professional Forums
English Language Tests
Online Learning Survey

There are five items in this category, as follows:

  1. "LMS Prototype Course" shows a possible design of a model online learning course.  Take a look to get some ideas of what you can do with the LMS. 
  2. The next link, "Course Resources and Activities", has a list of teaching tools that teachers can include in a course.  Each one has an explanation and a sample.  We can provide training in how to use these tools.
  3. "Discussion and Work Groups" is a place where teachers can collaborate on development projects and tasks related to teaching online.  You need to be invited to join one of the groups. 
  4. "Professional Forums" offers a venue for communicating and sharing teaching ideas with colleagues.  You can join a forum by contacting the LMS administrator.
  5. The next link, "English Language Tests" consists of assessments that teachers can use for placement purposes.
  6. Finally, the "Online Learning Survey" provides a set of questions to help understand how well students benefit from online learning.

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